hotel alimara and cett-ub synergies
June 18, 2024


Do you want to know how CETT-UB and Alimara University Hotel are committed to sustainable gastronomy? Today, on the International Day of Sustainable Gastronomy, we explain how we create synergies to enhance hotel services.

Recently and within the framework of the project Alimara University Hotel of the CETT-UB Campus, a pioneer in Europe for merging the academic and hotel environment.a pioneer in Europe for merging the academic and hotel environment, the two entities developed an action to improve lunch at the Hotel Alimara.

One of the dimensions of the Alimara University Hotel is "responsible talent", where from within the hotel and together with professional experts in the sector, we create educational experiences where students lead applied research and innovation projects in a real professional context, based on a process of "affective learning" as an experiential model in training.

In this case, the students of the Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences Degree have participated in a project to improve the lunch buffet of the Hotel Alimara. Previously, the group of students experienced the lunch at La Ronda, the hotel's breakfast room, to experience first-hand the gastronomic proposal, the particularity of the dietary choices and to be able to propose improvements based on previous experience.

alimara university hotel and cett-ub

With the aim of optimizing lunch at Hotel Alimara and taking into account aspects such as reuse, sustainability and reduction of food waste, the students presented interesting proposals such as french toasts with leftover bread or fruit smoothies. Now, the hotel will evaluate the feasibility of integrating some of the proposals to the lunch offer and put into practice the synergies between CETT and Alimara.

The uniqueness of the university hotel lies in its ability to integrate hotel services with an innovative educational mission, merging and responding to the needs of the hotel business and the requirements of higher education, configuring an exemplary model of educational excellence and hospitality. And these actions, designed in the classroom, but executed in the hotel, are a good proof of the synergy between the university center CETT and the Hotel Alimara.

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