cett research
December 21, 2023


As part of the university hotel proposal that CETT and Hotel Alimara are beginning to implement, the CETT Seminar Research, monthly academic research seminars open to the entire research community, are born.

cett research

Merging the academic and hotel environment, CETT and Hotel Alimara reinforce in this way their commitment to enhance the academic research culture of the CETT Campus. The theme of each seminar, about 45 minutes long, will always be related to tourism and / or hospitality and will take place, free of charge and open to anyone who wants to attend, in the Foyer of the Hotel Alimara. In the near future, these actions will be transferred to the Alimara Lab, the applied research laboratory of CETT and Hotel Alimara that will be launched in 2024.

This proposal also aims to create synergies among the research community and to carry out post-seminar networking sessions that may crystallize into future research collaborations with other universities.

During the first CETT Seminar Research, we had the pleasure to meet Dr. Rob van Ginneken. Trained in Groningen, Leuven and Paris, he is currently full professor of Hospitality Finance at the University of Applied Sciences in Breda where he conducts research on hotel management.

Dr. Rob van Ginneken opened the CETT Research Seminars to share his research on hotel management agreements, fairness in negotiation and refining the mastery of negotiation skills.

The second edition of the CETT Seminar Research was led by Dr. Oriol Anguera-Torrell, professor at the CETT Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy (Universitat de Barcelona), where he teaches Tourism Economics and Hotel Revenue Management.

His current main areas of research are Tourism Economics and Hospitality.
This seminar analyzed one of the consequences of hotels charging a fixed amount to add lunch to a room reservation, an exciting topic to be able to implement improvements in the user experience of our guests.

Don't miss the next sessions! Interested in attending? Write us at and we will keep you updated on the next actions of the Alimara University Hotel.