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The responsibility to make
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Hotel Alimara, a permanent commitment to social improvement.

Hotel Alimara Barcelona actively works on policies to support different organizations, among which is Nutrition without Borders (NGO that in Barcelona has active the program Barcelona shares the food, in which people with few resources are provided with meals prepared in the hotels of the city).

Invisible Hotel

The room where no one should sleep

The Invisible Hotel is a solidarity campaign that aims to raise awareness and funds to help people living in situations of poverty, violence, lack of opportunities, homelessness, etc., factors that aggravate the situation of the most vulnerable groups and condemn them to social exclusion.

Every room is a reflection of the most invisible part of social exclusion. The donations made in this project will be used to solve the problems of these groups, which have served to name the rooms in this "symbolic hotel".

Booking one or more nights of insomnia at the Hotel Invisible means making a donation to the IReS Foundation to prevent people at risk of exclusion from having to sleep in these places.

Nutrition Without Borders

Barcelona Shares the Food

The Hotel Alimara Barcelona is adhered to the project of the NGO Nutrition Without Borders called "BCN shares the food".

Project for the use of food resources and networking that contributes to reducing the situation of poverty in the city of Barcelona.

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